Hi, I’m Ali.
You’re here because you’re want to know more about me, right?

Let’s get straight into it, shall we?

There are lots of great copywriters out there.  So why work with me?


  • Connection.  Yes, you’ve probably heard marketing peeps talk about it before.  But working with me means we need to connect so that I understand you, your business, your brand and your ideal clients, to write copy that connects with them (and opens their hearts, minds and wallets).
  • Your time is precious, so I’ll make the most of it and achieve great outcomes by meeting with you to collaborate throughout our project rather than playing email ping-pong.
  • I’m a personal development, mindset and “woo” junkie who loves subconscious and neuro-marketing techniques (hence Neuro Copy).
  • Past stints in alternative healing, hospitality, property investment, IT, human resources, food blogging, wholesale and retail fashion, and entertainment (plus oodles of travel) means I’m a pretty versatile human with some interesting stories.
  • Getting off on the right foot is important, so I’ll start our working relationship by chatting with you to really understand what you want and make sure we connect, rather than sending you messages.
  • I’m up front, and love what I do: help people tell their story and grow their business (Awww. But seriously!).
  • You can check out some testimonials here.

Want to know if we’ll connect and work together well?  Me too!  This might help.

Here’s some random facts about me: 

Ali Edgar dancing
  • My approach to work can be summed up as: have fun and get stuff done.
  • I’m a mum of twin boys (for any GoT fans, it does feel a bit like ‘Mother of Dragons’ at times).
  • I.love.food. Something that drives my husband nuts is that I’m always thinking about my next meal.
  • I’ve had a past side gig as a food blogger, previously winning one of Australia’s best food blogs, so bloggers, I get you!
  • I also love wine and have visited a few wine regions for tasting tours. Current favourite varieties: champagne (or a good Tassie sparkling), Rose and Pinot Noir.
  • I grew up on the Gold Coast but lived in Melbourne and Canada briefly. I still miss you Melbourne!
  • My husband and I have been café owners in past lives (it was mainly his gig). He’s a barista so we also love good coffee.
  • I love yoga and meditation, and have practised both for many years.
  • I love to dance, and have dance breaks when I’m writing your copy (I love a bit of daggy 80’s or early 90’s pop).
  • I love to travel and can’t wait to do it again when our boys are older.   Some of my favourite destinations so far? Fiji, Japan, Italy, Paris, Canada, the US and Mexico.
  • I’m also a nature lover – I live near a rainforest and the beach and it’s my idea of heaven!
  • And lastly, I love a good book. In fact, I read them so fast I’m always looking for more good fiction.

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