How to Create Instagram Ads that Convert Clients and Customers

Looking to convert more clients through social? Then read on for my top tips on how to create Instagram ads that convert!

There’s a lot of opportunities to leverage both Facebook and Instagram Advertising when looking to convert clients. Because Facebook owns Instagram, I typically use Facebook Ads Manager to create ads for both Facebook and Instagram.

Like any sales copy, it all begins with understanding the three C’s using my NeuroCopy framework. The first pillar of your copy is to make sure you know your company, client and competition.

Be Clear on Your Company, Client and Competition

Most of you probably know your company or the business you write for quite well but from an online advertising perspective, what you need to understand is what other organic content is out there for a similar product or service. Some things to look for should include their previous ads, their products or services, what is their ad for, and the goal.

The next C is Client. It’s essential to understand who you’re writing copy for so you can be specific and avoid saying you sell to everybody. Different target audiences need different messaging.

When learning how to create Instagram ads that convert, the more specific you can be, the better. Consider things like gender, age, where they live, and their interests. Understanding their interests is particularly important when you’re advertising on Instagram and Facebook because you can use Facebook Ad insights to target your client’s likes and show your ad on similar pages.

And the final C is your Competition. When advertising on Instagram and Facebook, there’s a great tool you can use called Facebook ads library. This tool allows you to view your competitor’s ads that they run through Facebook. While this resource is valuable, I would be cautious as you can’t see how their ad is performing.

Create Strong Visuals

As well all know, Instagram is a visual platform. So when learning how to create Instagram ads that convert, you need to create strong images.

Whether you’re going to use a still image, a video or a carousel, it needs to be engaging. There are three ways to know when you’ve created strong visuals for your ad because it will get the clients attention, tell a story and connect with your message.

As consumers, it helps to look at how we connect with visuals when scrolling through Instagram or Facebook. Next time there’s an ad in your Instagram feed that connects with you or grabs your attention, take a screenshot and go through the process that brought you to engage with that ad.

Consider why it works and what is it about the copy and image that stops you in your tracks and gets you to want to follow the call-to-action. Remember, the Instagram algorithm shows you things that you’re already searching for but consider how the ad grabbed your attention.

In addition to the strong visual, you need an engaging message and copy. The visual is what stops people when scrolling, and the messaging is what helps people decide whether or not they want to pursue the action listed.

The first 10 to 15 words are what the client can see without clicking, so those are essential to make sure that they will want to keep reading and choose the call-to-action. You get to choose the call-to-action so make sure it aligns with your product or service.

Understand Your Metrics

When building a marketing strategy, it’s all about testing and measuring. With Facebook Ads Manager, you can view your metrics for both your Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Some of the things you’ll be able to see are impressions and clicks. With this information, you can then look at your goal for the ad and understand if it’s pushing your clients towards the action you want them to do. You’ll then be able to set a benchmark and try and improve it where you need to.

When considering cost per click for your ad, it depends on a variety of different factors, but an excellent place to start is the value of that cost per click.

Let’s say you are doing lead generation for your business, and you know if a client goes ahead with your product or service, you’ll generate two thousand dollars. Then it’s probably worth investing in a higher cost per click to get a high-quality lead that’s more likely to spend the two thousand dollars with you.


In summary, make sure you know your company, client and competition. When learning how to create Instagram ads that convert, make sure you’ve got an excellent quality visual, whether it’s a still video or carousel.

Once you’ve created the strong visual, ensure the first 10 to 15 words of your copy are engaging and connect with your customer. Then using your metrics, test and measure your ads in comparison to your goal and continue to refine them until they improve and you achieve your goal.

To ensure that you’ve mastered creating a clear message that resonates with your clients, read this blog post here.

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