I’m hearing that if you ask too many questions it can come across as “salesy”. Thank you for the question, which came from the lovely, intuitively gifted coach Nicole from Divine Flow Energy Healing. Next week’s Q&A: how to sound authentic but also speak to your client avatar.

Welcome to week 4 of copy Q&A. This week is all about questions and using questions in your copy. Is asking questions in your copy passé?

I’m hearing that if you ask too many questions it can come across as “salesy”. I have seen a copy where there are too many questions, where they are the wrong questions, where it just feels clunky, where somebody asks a question any kind of go “obviously, yes”. You know questions can be misused in copywriting. But, they can also be very powerful if they are used properly.

Case in point, I once received an email from Rich Schefren who is a very successful internet marketer. The entire email including the subject, are questions one after the other. And as somebody who spends a lot of their time looking at other people’s marketing, subscribing to people’s emails, email lists I was engaged for the entire email. I read the entire thing because the questions were very well crafted. And therein lies the answer. Questions should be well crafted.

For me, with NeuroCopy framework, attention-getting is one of the techniques that I recommend in the copy part of the framework. Attention-getting and one of the techniques I teach is to ask questions. So here’s how; firstly what if someone is reading your copy and they go “yes”. What if it gets their attention just for a moment? What’s that worth to you? Either in their head or if they say it out loud. Great! Might be weird in public but whatever they go “yes” There’s a lot of power in that with your copywriting. So if your question achieves those outcomes and notice I ask three questions so if you stayed engaged that worked. If your question or questions achieves those outcomes then that’s fantastic because that’s what you want.

So here are some tips for you. You can use these kinds of questions; how, why – you can inspire curiosity. You could be provocative. You can do kind of interrupt people and you can show urgency – you know have you? Those kinds of things. I know that there have been some really good headlines coming out saying have you made these I saw one that said “Have you made these coffee mistakes?” and I was like “ooh! good question”. Good question would have engaged so many people because it’s tapping into pain and fear. Some question don’ts: really, it comes down to again when I say pretty much in every Q&A so far is knowing your ideal client and making sure you’re clear on them because if you are asked the wrong questions they will disengage. Furthermore, they won’t keep reading and you went into that conversation they’re having in their mind about your product or your service.

So know your ideal client but, please don’t ask obvious questions. People are just gonna go “oh yeah everybody feels that way”. It’s redundant  to ask that question. Unless, it’s part of your strategy don’t ask a question where the answer is no. Some people say you shouldn’t leverage fear in asking questions but I’ve actually done that before in copy but then followed up with a subhead or something else to back it up that’s comforting and positive in the solution to their problem. So again, it all comes down to know thy ideal client and right questions that are going to connect with them and that’s that really deep level of subconscious connection that we look for when we’re writing your copy.

Next week’s question is going to be about using your authentic voice while still connecting with your avatar. So that’ll be hopefully on Wednesday if my week goes well. Until then, have a great week and if you do have any questions for me, please feel free to drop me a message. I’m happy to answer them.