Connect with your customer’s “buying brain” and sell with confidence

Learn how to write compelling brain-based copy, even if sales copy makes you feel icky 

Next intake starts May 2020, numbers are limited so…

Writing sales copy is hard…

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with what to write and how to structure it because of all the formulas, strategies, tools and techniques out there.

Plus everyone has an opinion on how to do it – which only makes it more confusing.

And you see so much salesy, shouty copy out there that when you think about writing sales copy, it feels a bit icky.

Does this sound familiar?

✘ You don’t want to be salesy and cheesy (but you want to sell more stuff)

✘ You’re struggling to write in your own voice

✘ You’re sure how to ask for the sale without being pushy

✘ You’re not sure how to write copy that actually sells

✘ You don’t know how to start writing or get writer’s block when you start

✘ You wish someone would just help you get it done

Because you know that writing better sales copy is the one thing that’s holding you back.

You’re missing the one big thing that will make your marketing efforts work: copy that deeply connects.

Introducing the NeuroCopy™️ Coaching Course

Learn how to write copy that connects with the “buying brain” so you can sell with confidence

This course combines brain science and copywriting in an intensive copy coaching course to help online entrepreneurs like you grow your sales copy skills.

The NeuroCopy Coaching Course will change the way you write, it’s a new way to use proven brain-based NeuroMarketing techniques. It’s your new copywriting secret weapon and the copy technique that will give you the edge.


“Up to 95% of our purchasing decisions take place in the subconscious mind”

– Professor Gerald Zaltman, Harvard Business School

“I’ve enrolled many more students than I thought possible…

Through Ali’s support and what I’ve learned in her sales page course, I was able to write a great sales page for my membership community and I’ve actually had amazing success! I’ve enrolled many more students than I thought possible. This course helped me be really clear, focused, concise and authentic and real and connect with my audience!”

Nicole di Cristofario

Divine Flow Energy Healing

So who am I to be teaching you about NeuroCopy?

Hi, I’m Ali! I’m a Sales Copywriter and proud geek who happens to love both writing and psychology. I created the NeuroCopy Framework to put the latest NeuroMarketing research into a cohesive, easy to understand range of techniques. So yep, I’ve done the geeky and important research part for you. The part where you get all the world’s leading research on what lights up our brains, in an easy to use framework:

I started using NeuroCopy techniques with my own clients and saw the immediate increase in their conversions, which made them more money from their marketing efforts. Legit copy goals, right? So of course people started to ask me to teach them, and the rest (as they say) is history.

Join me in the NeuroCopy Coaching Course to find your authentic voice and still sell more stuff. Because as you’ll learn, there are so many ways to do both with brain-based copy techniques.


“I really recommend that if you do need a copywriter, I encourage you to look for someone who knows how to speak in the way that the brain is persuaded. And that person is Ali”

Rita Hyland

Transformational Coach

Here’s what you’ll learn in the NeuroCopy Coaching Course

You’ll walk away with a newfound quietly confident copy strut. That sense of quiet “I know something you don’t know”, like you’re in an awesome secret club (disclaimer: it’s a slightly geeky club, but with killer benefits).

The difference between this course and others? This course is for action takers who want to get a piece of copy finished. 

You’ll not only learn how to use NeuroCopy™️ techniques, but also walk away with a finished piece of copy that you’ll work on during our time together.

In 12 weeks, in a small group capped at 10, you’ll walk away with:

  • One key piece of copy written or revamped using your subconscious copy skills (e.g. home page, sales page, email series) 
  • Structured weekly lessons tailored to the group’s needs on how to write better copy using the NeuroCopy Framework 
  • Homework worksheets that help you write better copy using NeuroCopy
  • To access the lessons and coaching in your own time with call recordings, or catch up if you miss it
  • To be part of a small group where you’ll be able to ask questions and get coaching
  • Weekly coaching and Q&A calls where you can share copy and get live feedback on how to improve it
  • Access to a private Facebook group to ask questions, share copy and connect with people like you
  • BONUS: Live training from a Positioning expert to learn how to really nail your messaging and stand out in a crowded market.
  • BONUS: NeuroCopy resources and templates that are yours to keep (forevs!) including the Connection Copy Framework template, ‘How to write sales page copy that converts (using NeuroCopy)’ guide, and my Website, Email and Sales page copy templates.

Imagine feeling more confident about your sales copy in just 12 weeks, using your very own bag of brain-based tricks.

Stop for a moment and picture this:

  • Feeling confident when you think about writing copy
  • Knowing you have the secret sauce to tap into the subconscious
  • Writing brain-based copy that deeply connects with ease
  • Being able to write warm, authentic copy in your own voice
  • Being able to ask for the sale without being salesy
  • Writing compelling copy that converts

Then think about the difference this will make to your business, because copy is the marketing magic you know will make you more money.

This is why you’re here, and why you need the NeuroCopy™ Coaching Course.

“Ali is a master at her craft. Her passion and love for her work comes through with every aspect of the course…

I came into the course knowing nothing about website copy, I thought it was going to be way over my head, but Ali’s guided presentations made it so easy to understand. Her knowledge in copy writing is incredible, I now go into writing my own website copy with such an understanding of the ‘science’ behind the words and images you use and how this can relay to the customer.”

Vanessa Barron

Mumma Nature

Here’s how it works:

Week 1 – NeuroCopy fundamentals and intro

You’ll decide which piece (or pieces) of copy you’ll work on during the course, and get an introduction to NeuroCopy and how it can be used in all kinds of copy.

BONUS LIVE TRAINING: Positioning to Profit – an introduction from marketing and positioning expert, Patty Dominguez. Learn how to set your positioning up right before you write copy.


Week 2 – NeuroCopy Pillar 1: Know

Find out why the first NeuroCopy pillar is crucial and how to get it right:

  • Learn what you need to do before you start writing (the key to writing right)
  • Dig into the detail on what you need to Know and why
  • Use the Connection Copy Framework Template to prepare to write your own piece of copy

Week 2 Copy Coaching and Q&A call.


Week 3 – NeuroCopy Pillar 2: Visuals

Find out how you can leverage the “superhighway to the subconscious” to uplevel your sales copy:

  • Learn visual techniques to connect your message with the subconscious
  • Gives you a range of proven brain-based visual strategies from NeuroMarketing research

Week 3 Coaching and Q&A call


Week 4 – NeuroCopy Pillar 3: Copy

Learn brain-based strategies to use in your copy, no matter what kind of copy you’re writing:

  • Find out how to use a range of techniques including attention, stories, emotions and numbers

Week 4 Coaching and Q&A call


Week 5 – NeuroCopy Pillar 4: Proof

Discover the importance of proof and the range of options you can use to show buyers why they should choose you:

  • Learn a range of ways to show social proof that’s proven to connect with the subconscious

Week 5 Coaching and Q&A call


Week 6 – Double Copy Coaching

In this final week you’ll have the opportunity to finish writing your chosen piece(/s) of copy with an extra coaching call.


With the NeuroCopy Coaching Course you’ll get both the techniques and coaching to get better at writing copy.

Result? Selling your thing with ease and confidence.

“I would highly recommend Ali and her NeuroCopy Course if you want to engage with your target audience more effectively in your own voice, and style. Worth it, to the max times 1,000!

You too can write excellent copy even if you are not a copywriting expert”! This is is how I feel about copywriting now! However, It was not always like this. I used to dread writing copy for my sales page(s) because I would get stuck, and I thought it was “hard”, and my message was all over the place.

After meeting Ali and deciding to join The NeuroCopy Coaching Course, I have the fundamentals and understanding of how to write compelling copy for my sales page(s) now and beyond! I went from raw to refined. I very feel confident in my ability to engage my audience and write copy that sells.”

Deni Mariscal

The Digital Ether

The next intake of the NeuroCopy Coaching Course starts April 2020

Numbers are limited to 10, so don’t miss out!

If you don’t feel you’ve learned to write better copy by the end of this course, I’ll give you your money back

(check FAQs below for conditions)

“It’s been really valuable for me and an ABSOLUTE INVESTMENT!

Ali is so approachable and warm. She really encourages you to ask the questions that you need to ask and feel comfortable doing so. And she’s got a great wealth of knowledge that she’s so happy to share. I found the content really engaging and it did help me create more natural flowing copy that doesn’t sound cheesy or forced. She taught me a lot about what goes into a good copy and how to best represent my clients. It’s been really valuable for me and an ABSOLUTE INVESTMENT!”

Carol Whitman


Picture yourself writing compelling copy that converts with confidence.

Let that sink in. How does it feel? Enrol now to start 2020 strong.

Got questions? I’ve got answers.

What is your refund policy?

If you’re not happy upon completion of the course I’m happy to provide you with a full refund. This is dependent upon you showing up for the lessons and coaching calls, viewing the recordings, and/or showing proof of completing your homework on a 1-to-1 call with me.

Will this work for me?

This will work for you if you’re ready to grow, share, learn and receptive to feedback (and hopefully you have a sense of humour because it’ll be more fun). Ideally you’ll have some experience writing copy or content for your business or for clients (think: Facebook posts, ads, brochures, websites, sales pages, emails). You don’t need to be a pro.

It won’t work for you if you’re a know-it-all can’t take feedback, don’t play well with others or don’t want to grow and improve. If the second part is you, please don’t enrol because this isn’t your tribe.

How many hours a week will it take?

There are two weeks of lessons each week but you’ll also need to put in a minimum of three hours a week to get your piece of copy completed using the techniques you’ll be learning.

Are there any extra costs involved?


Am I ready for this?

Let me ask you? Are YOU ready to uplevel your copy game in 2020? Because it will take time, learning, and growth. But it’ll be worth it.