The NeuroCopy™️ Framework

Get the edge by making deeper connections with more of your ideal clients

Up to 95% of purchasing decisions are made by the subconscious

Imagine being able to appeal to your ideal client’s subconscious with your copy

Yep, you read that right (according to Harvard Professor Gerald Zaltman ).

I’m not sure about you, but when I first read that, I wondered what I’d bought without knowing why.

Did you know that there’s a whole field of research dedicated to figuring out how our brains respond to messaging called NeuroMarketing? NeuroMarketers research how we understand, think, feel, engage, and ultimately become persuaded by a message.

I started studying NeuroMarketing to up my copy game and give my clients the edge… to hit home at a deeper level with their ideal clients and increase conversions to grow their businesses.

From applying these techniques and the success I saw with my client’s copy, I developed The NeuroCopy™ Framework’s four pillars:


Vital to writing copy that deeply connects: really getting to know your company, competition and ideal clients in detail using my Connection Copy Framework.


Using the right visuals appeals to the subconscious first, making your reader feel the right things while getting their attention, fast.


Applying a range of proven NeuroMarketing techniques to get your reader’s attention.


Presenting a number of different kinds of social proof to connect with your reader’s emotions.

Want to give your website, sales pages and emails the edge with NeuroCopy™️?