If you’re

☞ Someone who wants to help people and share their message doing what you love, while you grow your business,

☞ Sick of your website, sales pages or emails not performing,

☞ Ready to launch your new business with compelling messaging and copy that gets attention for the right reasons,

☞ Looking for someone to write copy that’s authentic, warm and written in your voice,

☞ Feeling disconnected with your ideal client/s because your business has changed, or

☞ You’re either too busy to write, or just don’t like writing your own copy…

 That’s where I come in.

Working with me, you’ll get a copywriter who takes the time to really get to know you, your brand and your ideal clients.  Aaand a copywriter who developed and uses the Neuro Copy™ Framework to connect with the hearts, minds and wallets of your ideal clients.

And please let’s have fun with your project, because, you’ll get a better result with your copy.  Which in turn helps you share your message and grow your business (boom!).

Rates and packages:

Messaging Makeover

It’s amazing what we can achieve together in 90 minutes, with a recorded video call and action plan created just for you, on your:

– Home or sales page (or any page/s you choose to fit in) makeover: looking at your headlines, copy, structure and calls to action and recommending changes to keep visitors on your page/s.

– Messaging: brainstorming a creative, on-brand tagline, headlines, product or course names.

– Website structure: get your pages in the right place so visitors can find the stuff you want them to without brain strain.

– Email makeover: let’s talk about your subject lines, flow and revise your copy to make more people want to read your emails.

– Content (social posts, blog posts, video ideas): creating a list of content you can share to attract your ideal clients.

It’s 90 minutes of collaborative brainstorming-ey goodness, where you’ll learn some of my “press the brain’s buy button” secrets to use in your biz.

Investment: AUD$495 + GST  

Get it Done Day

Been meaning to get that pesky copy project done, and just want it finished?

Or maybe you need help fixing up or updating your website, sales page or emails?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but with me as your captive copywriter for a day we can work on your:

– Webpage – starting from the ground up, rewriting or restructuring

– Website structure

– Short form sales page – either put together, or rewritten and restructured

– Email series: giving it a brush-up

We’ll start with a kick-off call to get clear on your priorities, then I’ll put my head down and do the write stuff, all for you.

If you’re free, let’s chat throughout the day, then we’ll finish up with a handover call where you’ll get all your shiny new copy.

It’s the ultimate way to… well… get it done, with the help of a heart centred copywriter who knows how to press the brain’s buy button.

Full day investment: AUD$1,395 + GST

Half day investment: AUD$795 + GST

Sales, Site or Series

If you’ve got a big, beautiful Sales Page, Website or Email series project that you need completed, then let’s talk.

It’s all about connection – between you and I, then your copy and your ideal clients. So we’ll start by chatting to see if we connect. If it’s a go, we’ll book a Connection Copy Session to really get to know you, your brand and business, and ideal clients.

Then my research begins – on your business, your competitors, your awesomeness and ideal clients. Draft 1 of your project is delivered, with two more connection sessions with you after each draft to get the finished copy perfecto.

Investment: from AUD$2,795 + GST 

Don’t let another week fly by, let’s get that project of yours done: