You’re reading this because you want sales copy that converts… the kind that’s written in your voice and gives you all the good feels

That’s great because that happens to be what I do. How? Using sales copy that feels like a cool Jedi mind trick (NeuroCopy) with the warm hug (intuition, energy and intention).

Here’s how we can work together to make your copy and message magic:


copy coaching

Magic copy coaching

Feel more confident writing your own copy with 1-on-1 coaching (while we create messaging magic together).

Get it done day (or halfa)

It’s time. Let’s get that pesky piece of copy fixed so you’re proud to share it and sell more of your thing.

Copy Coaching Club

Build your copy skills to deeply connect with your customers and
sell with confidence.

Fact: my clients are amazing.

Here’s what they say about me:

“Ali brings not just great copy, but so much more value to your business.”

I’ve worked with Ali before and engaged her to work on launch copy for a new product. She came up with great ideas for our sales funnel strategy and provided valuable input on branding and design. The copy Ali wrote was high quality, on-brand and written to convert.
If you’re thinking about working with her, just do it! She brings not just great copy, but so much more value to your business.

Tom Scantlebury

Director, Sky Blue Customer Experience Services


Just hire her now! I was looking for a copywriter to help write my entire website. She was able to take all of the jumbled thoughts in my head and turn it into the most beautiful website copy. Working with her was honestly a dream. She was so helpful with the copy of my website and gave me some feedback on my offers and some small tweaks once my website was built. I highly recommend Ali for your copywriting needs. She will blow you away!

Kaci Ackerman

Certified Online Business Manager, Kaci Ackerman

“I’ve seen my conversions increase as a result”

I booked Ali for a copy coaching session followed by a Get it Done half day session for one of my websites. I really enjoy this flexible approach to creating new copy rather than the structured ‘3 revisions and you’re done’ approach. I believe websites cannot be static and this approach helps me to understand Ali’s logic behind using specific words and phrases which puts me in a much better position to make copy updates as my business evolves.

Ali offers a wealth of knowledge in all things copywriting and I love her buying psychology reminders that you get along the way. I appreciated Ali being a fresh set of eyes on my new website structure. While I create websites for other businesses I’ve found it tough to look at a website with the same critical eye when it’s my own business. I’ve implemented many of Ali’s recommendations and have seen my conversions increase as a result. If you need a copywriter who will take the time to truly understand your business, your long term vision and short term objectives, while helping you become a better copywriter yourself along the way, then Ali is an excellent fit.

Maz Hancock

Founder, Get Locally Connected

Magic Copy Coaching

Like writing your own copy but feeling stuck on what to write, where?

Or maybe you want to learn how to write copy that sells without selling out…?

I. love. coaching. There, I said it. Why? Because it’s so much fun – you bring the copy, we chat, you take your copy game up a notch. Boom shakalaka, right?

In our 90-minute sesh, you’ll:

✨ Learn some of my secret ninja tricks to sell more of your thing

✨ Find out that actual magic comes from brainstorming

✨ Finish up with copy and messaging that fits, feels good and sells more of your thing

I’ll record our Zoom-zoom for you, then hand over copy you’re excited to share with the world. 

And did I mention you’ll walk away feeling more confident about writing your own copy?

Investment AU$497

(Not from the magical land of Oz and need to convert Aussie dollars? (Here you go)

You ready?

It all starts with a chat:

Step 1

Get it done day (or halfa)

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you have one of those “I’ve been meaning to…” copy projects.

Like, maybe:

🤦🏻‍♀️ You cringe whenever you see your website homepage

🤦🏻‍♀️ That sales page isn’t converting or doesn’t feel right

🤦🏻‍♀️ You’ve written your email series and still aren’t happy

🤦🏻‍♀️ You still go, “umm, y’know”, when someone asks what you do (you need an elevator pitch, my friend!)

You’re not alone. Being an entrepreneur is a busy gig, right? Give yourself a break and get some professional help to spruce it up and get. it. done. 

Aaand better still, get it finished. We’re talking happy dancing style doneskis, in just one day (or a half).

You’ll get your fresh, new copy, proofread and ready to publish. You’ll also get to feel good about that piece of copy that’s been p***ing you off for ages. 



Half day AU$797 | Full day AU$1,597

(Not from the magical land of Oz and need to convert Aussie dollars? (Here you go)

You ready?

It all starts with a chat:

Step 1

Copy Coaching Club

Stop for a moment and imagine a place where you can…

✅ Get a sales copywriter’s eyes on your copy so you know how to improve it

✅ Learn the secrets to writing copy that deeply connects and converts

✅ Grab killer copy templates to use whenever you need ‘em

✅ Learn online marketing ‘how to’s’ from guest experts

✅ Hang out with cool people and write great copy

Sounds like some kind of magical copywriting community, right? Well, it kind of is…


The doors to Copy Coaching Club are closed for now.

If you’d like to be the first to find out when it happens, subscribe and I’ll let you know:


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