Is your website serving your clients or scaring them away?

What if that website you spent all that time and money on was actually scaring potential clients away instead of serving your clients? Here’s a story about how your website can attract or repel your ideal clients (and what to do about it).

In this week’s post, I wanted to share a story about a friend that I helped recently. Websites are something I talk about all the time, and here’s why.

Wrong impressions lead to one less client

So this friend wanted me to help him with his resume and a job application letter. I don’t actually do this anymore, and at the time, I was completely booked out (a good thing!) and unavailable to help.

Because I was unavailable, I thought the least I could do was try and find someone that could help. So I went into a local Facebook business group and sourced two career coaches and resume writers. Different people highly recommended them both, and that’s when I went to their websites.

The first person’s website was very professional and precise. I felt reassured by the recommendation and could already trust they would do a good job. It was apparent they had invested time and effort not only into their business but into themselves as well.

The second person’s website, however, looked like it had been cheaply thrown together with little time or effort put into their brand. Even the fonts left a really poor first impression on me (yes it’s a thing!). I didn’t feel like I could trust them to get the job done right.

So needless to say, I sent my friend a message with both recommendations and pointed them towards the first option. My opinion of which one might be better was only from my experience visiting their websites as both came highly recommended.

First impressions are everything

So my question for you today is, is your website serving your clients, or is it giving them the wrong impression? My advice would be to send your website out to some clients or friends and ask for some feedback. This way, you can fix any pain points clients might have when checking out your business.

If you or someone you know might need a refresh on their website, feel free to send me an email! It’s definitely something I can help you with as I have access to a fantastic design team locally that creates beautiful websites.

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