So what is a copywriter? (copyrighter?)

Chances are if you’re visiting my website, you may already know the answer to this question.

But if you don’t know, fear not because I get asked this question a lot. So what a great topic for my shiny new website’s first blog post.

Firstly, lets clear up yet another example of how the English language can be confusing: copyrighter vs copywriter.

In short, copyright is about the legalities of being able to share or reproduce somebody’s work, whether it’s writing, music, art, video or film. So a copyrighter is a person who secures copyrights. It’s an area for those who specialise in law. And as much as I wanted to be a lawyer for while as a kid, it really doesn’t float my boat.

Meanwhile a copywriter is someone who writes usually for the purposes of marketing or advertising. What they really do is help you target the right audience through good copy and content

Copywriters (like me) can help you with things like:

  • Website copy and getting better search engine results,
  • Sales or lead capture pages,
  • Blogging,
  • Emails,
  • Brochures,
  • Social media content,
  • eBooks,
  • Presentations,
  • Video scripts,
  • Ghostwriting, and
  • Proofing and editing (amongst other things).

Why use a copywriter?

Because every time a potential client or customer reads something they see about your business, they’ll decide whether they want to know more, are interested finding out more (and will pay attention next time they see you), or just go ahead and buy.

People’s attention spans are short, so the words you use are important.

Most of the clients I work with either say they really don’t like writing, just don’t have the time, or want to improve what they are communicating to potential customers or clients to improve their bottom line.

One of the things I hear a lot is (usually accompanied by a groan), “I need to fix my website…”. Whether you need help with just a couple of pages, your whole site needs an overhaul, or you have no idea how to write the copy for a new website, a copywriter could be your new bestie.

A good copywriter will write website copy for you that keeps your target market/s reading your site, and also use search engine optimisation techniques. What that means is not only can potential customers find your business, but the longer they stay on your site, the more likely it is they’ll decide to do business with you.

Although websites are important there are a lot of other opportunities to get people interested in what you do. Make sure you’re maximising them all. If not, and you need some help, call for a copywriter!

If you have any questions about copywriting, get in touch. For some tips on writing good copy and content for your business, please like me (does that sound needy?) on Facebook.