Is your website serving you? Are people arriving on your website feel like you are the business? that you are the person that they need? who’s going to solve their problem? that you have the value that they’re looking for?

Video Transcript

Morning I just wanted to jump in and do a quick live video to share a story that happened yesterday. I have to be really quick because it’s almost school drop-off time, about a friend of a friend who contacted me and asked me to help him with something and what happened as a result.

Websites are something I talk on about all the time but I’m sure this story will help to demonstrate why. So this friend wanted me to help him with a resume and a job application letter and in one of my many past careers, one of the things that I did was for a long time actually; Human Resources training, leadership coaching, career coaching and all that sort of stuff. So yes I could have done it but I am booked out at the moment which is great and it’s not something I really like to do anymore.

So this person had asked for my help so I thought well, I’ll see if I can find an alternative provider for them. So I went into a local Facebook group a business group and sourced two career coaches and resume writers for this person. And they both were really highly recommended by different people and that’s when I went to their websites. The first person’s website was very professional it was clear I felt like reassured, it was reassuring like I could trust her. Like she had invested time and money and effort into her business and herself and it was obvious. The second person’s website however, it looked like it had been done really cheaply, even the fonts – like I know, I know – fair enough I am a copywriter, I mean I’m into websites all the time but just the overall first impression was cheaply thrown together and you know from that, I sent this person a message and I said I “here’s two people that other people recommend I think this person is the right person”. And that was because of me looking at their websites for literally two minutes each.

So my question for you today is, if your is your website serving you, are people arriving on your website and feeling like you are the business? Are you the person that they need, you’re going to solve their problem? That you have the value that they’re looking for? If it’s not then fix it.

That’s your community service announcement for today. And yes that’s something I can help you with and I do have access to an amazing design team locally that I work with who just produced beautiful websites. So that’s it, other than that have an amazing day! I’m gonna get my kids off to school and start my busy week ahead. Bye!